Roger Salera

Quick Facts:

  • Profit Strategy: Rehab and hold
  • Number of Units: 3
  • Personal Money Invested: $0
  • Amount Earned: Projected annual NOI of $21,400
  • Prior Experience: Roger’s only prior real estate experience was that he turned his first home into a rental property

Roger’s Story

Roger is a “senior citizen,” he explained with a smile. He thought he’d be retired by now, but he’s not.

Roger started his career in the tech industry working 9-to-5, but when the bottom fell out in 2011, he had to change professions. He switched to insurance sales.

He always knew something different — something better — existed for him. He was a “book junkie” constantly seeking a “better way.”

Roger’s Call to Adventure

His intro into real estate came when an insurance client decided to move east. They needed to sell their home, so he purchased it. However, he did “everything he wasn’t supposed to do.” It’s in the desert in California, and the residents love him. He still owns the house but decided to pursue multifamily real estate investing in a structured way to earn better money to retire.

He began pursuing different real estate investment models, wholesaling in particular but realized the required degree of effort and knowledge. He made “good money” on his first deal but decided to look for mentorship to streamline his real estate endeavors for the future.

Working with one of Lance’s coaches is what turned things around for him.

Roger’s Why

Roger has four grandchildren for whom he wants to provide advanced education. He now has 5 doors. Concluding that one door per child won’t get him to his goal and enable retirement, Roger decided to focus on getting more doors. At this point, he is shooting for 10 doors. He may increase that goal, but he’s starting there.

He’s fulfilling part of his mission, though. He doesn’t charge market rent because he likes to help “people who are deserving.”

Another dream is for his kids to take over his business. Roger’s daughter is a commercial real estate paralegal, which makes it a definite possibility.

Roger’s Obstacles

He was challenged by time constraints and funding sources. He explained, “other investors would beat me up with cash offers. I wanted to be able to offer cash and not wait on transitional funding or other funding sources that might delay the process.” Another challenge was “being too careful and overthinking.”

He described a valuable lesson he learned, “take advantage of opportunities. Act and strike while the iron is hot.”

His Mindshift

His job pays well, so he needed to make a mental shift. He recognized that matching his current income with passive income would allow him to retire with the same lifestyle. “I just needed to make the decision and have the confidence that I could do it.”

Roger’s Discovery

He learned he loved the challenge of real estate investing — and the process. He’s also “enjoyed meeting and talking with people who offer different ideas and perspectives.”

The Results

While Roger is still seeking additional doors to accomplish his ultimate goal, he already has more freedom. He’s been able to take his grandchildren on vacations. He reminisced about a beautiful trip to Hawaii when he and his wife were able to treat his son’s family (son, wife, and two kids) to a great experience. His life has certainly improved.

His Vision

Being financially independent would allow him more time to do the religious education he enjoys. He is “currently consulting with people who have suffered a loss.” He would love to be able to do more of this. He also shared his real estate dream, “what excites me is to offer solutions so that it’s a win-win for everybody.”

Roger’s Advice

Roger advises to “get a coach and stick with it. Chip away at the goals you’ve set for yourself.” He adds, “be careful where you invest. Do comprehensive inspections of the property. It may look good on paper, but doing your due diligence will reveal if it is. Follow Lance’s advice about keeping a broker close to you and keep communicating with them.”

Challenge. Yourself.