Ed Register

  • Profit Strategy: Buy & hold
  • Number of Units: 10
  • Amount Earned: $2,574 + cash flow
  • Prior Experience: Previous experience with single family home investing. He sold all of his properties and got out of real estate, then decided to get back into it about a year ago.
  • Personal Money Invested: $0


Steve Crow Jr.

  • Profit Strategy: Wholesale
  • Number of Units: 10
  • Amount Earned: $10,000 assignment ($3,000 paid in advance)
  • Prior Experience: Some residential. This is his first multifamily deal.

“I am grateful to Lance and his team this would have possibly taken me forever to learn on my own. I am now on my way to doing many more and much larger deals!”


Michael Perry & Julie Kacin

  • Profit Strategy: Wholesale
  • Number of Units: 40
  • Amount Earned: $47,500 total ($20,000 up front + 11 monthly payments of $2,500/mo)
  • Prior Experience: While Julie was fairly new to real estate and Michael had experience in houses, this was their first apartment deal.
  • Personal Money Invested: $0

Jay Rao Gajavelli 1

First of 7 deals completed in 6 months to make a profit of $122,000!

  • Profit Strategy: Wholesale
  • Number of Units: 7
  • Amount Earned: $20,000
  • Personal Money Invested: $0
  • Prior Experience: Background in IT. Never thought about real estate prior to this.

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Arleen & Dennis Severino

  • Profit Strategy: Buy & hold
  • Number of Units: Triplex
  • Amount Earned: $1800 monthly cash flow (with another unit, 2 garages and 12 parking spaces still available to rent out). They estimate each garage can rent for $150/month and parking spot for $50-$75/mo which could bring in an extra $1200/mo total!
  • Personal Money Invested: $30,000 personal money, $138k through private lenders
  • Prior Experience: Purchased a couple of houses in the past and had some experience with single family homes.


Severino - property

Scott McLain

  • Number of Units: 3
  • Prior Experience: Family involved in R/E for 30 years, then got into hard money lending.  From there, he went to an event hosted by Ron LeGrand where he met Lance in a breakout session who opened his eyes to apartments.
  • Profit Strategy: Wholesale
  • Amount Earned: Bought for $62,500 and sold for $85,000
  • Personal Money Invested: None


Rob Wiseman

  • Profit Strategy: Buy, fix up and hold.
  • Number of Units: 16
  • Amount Earned: equity & 30% commission
  • Prior Experience: Was a loan officer in mortgage industry for several years, then got real estate license, focusing on “short sells”.  He then began acquiring SFHs needing light renovation, which evolved into properties needing heavy renovation, which then evolved again into new construction.

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Jim Cox

  • Profit Strategy: Buy & hold out of state using property management company
  • Number of Units: 12
  • Prior Experience: None.  He had attended other real estate seminars in the past, then did this first deal 1 month after attending Lance’s BMSA LIVE boot camp.
  • Personal Money Invested: $0.  Found private investor.
  • Single most important thing learned: “The first step is the hardest.  One of the things I really appreciated about Lance’s boot camp was he clearly understood whatever you do to get your first deal done is the most important thing for somebody to be a successful real estate investor… because if you don’t do you first deal, you’ll never do any deal… Once you’ve done your first deal, you’ll realize you can do it!”