Caroline Maki

Quick Facts:

  • Profit Strategy: Wholesale & other
  • Number of Units: 81 units (5 properties)
  • Personal Money Invested: Just the earnest money
  • Amount Earned: $400k in her first year of Lance’s program
  • Prior Experience: Prior to taking on Lance’s training, Caroline had 44 years of experience as a real estate broker

Caroline’s Story

Caroline has always had an attitude and expectation of success. For her, “failure is not an option.” She had already achieved financial success before getting involved with commercial wholesaling. Her primary objective was to find a better way to earn income.

Caroline’s Call to Adventure

Caroline has been a real estate broker for 44 years and has her license in several states. She was a residential broker for years and grew tired of “driving people around and listing homes.” She began exploring other options. She decided to change her specialty to commercial deals, specifically multifamily apartments.

Caroline Finds Lance

Over the years, Caroline has recognized the value of hiring a coach when learning a new skill. She began looking for a coach to teach her commercial real estate and found Lance. Her goal was to “take her business to the next level.”

She described her objective as making a “significant income.” She expands, “I was tired of making 10, 15, 20,000 here and there with residential houses. I realized that multifamily deals make a larger commission but can also take longer to close. I learned I could integrate wholesale with commercial properties. Lance taught me how to do this.”

Combining her occupation as a realtor with wholesaling became critical to her investment strategy and quick success. She earned about $400K in her first year of Lance’s program.

Her Ultimate Dream

Caroline’s dream is simply stated but not necessarily simple to achieve. She believes her mission is to fulfill her “destiny as a provider of wealth for God’s Kingdom.”

She declares her destiny is to provide “money for the Kingdom.” She clarifies, “I needed to find a way to accomplish what I think God has put me on this earth to do.”

Her financial goals revolve around following where God leads. She elaborates, “a couple of million dollars of income a year would help the Kingdom out pretty well.”

A Mission for Social Good

She is a certified affordable housing provider. As she sees it, she has been called on to help “deserving families get into homes of their own.” She explains, “some may have bad credit or have gone through a divorce. These people may not be able to get a traditional loan through a bank or mortgage company. I aim to improve their lifestyle by getting them out of a rental and into a home they own.”

Caroline is a founder of an institution that integrates artificial intelligence with helping others. She describes the organization’s mission, “we are working on futuristic tools and processes to make products that will help the world and humanity. We will help people have fresh water and help them escape poverty.”

Caroline’s Obstacles

Her biggest obstacle was carving out the time to study Lance’s system. She described the training as “drinking water out of a fire hydrant.” She stressed the importance of taking advantage of all the training Lance’s system offers. She revealed her method, “I was on every Monday night call. I attended every Bootcamp. I had to invest a lot of time to be successful, but Lance gives you the system. He tells you what to do. You simply have to follow it. You must engage in the system.”

Caroline’s Strengths

She explains her success can be attributed to “not being a quitter. Failure is not an option for me.”

Another attribute that contributed to her success is being “a sponge for knowledge.” She consistently seeks mentorship and coaching from people who are experienced. She elucidated, “I’m a firm believer in not reinventing the wheel. If I can pay for knowledge that somebody has spent years accumulating — such as Lance Edwards — why not pay the price to get his systems and knowledge? Doing so speeds up success. It would have taken me much longer to succeed if I had made all the typical mistakes. I believe it’s worth paying a coach to get me there faster.”

In addition to Lance’s invaluable coaching, she says, “the Deal Generator is worth every penny.” She explained, “the ‘Deal Generator’ tool reduces the time it takes to analyze a deal. It tells you if the deal is ‘doable.’ That has helped tremendously.”

Caroline’s Advice

She offers helpful guidance, “be on every Monday night call. Go to as many Bootcamps as you can. You will glean a golden nugget in each one. Attend as many as possible, especially if you can’t afford the coaching. I highly recommend hiring one of Lance’s coaches. I worked with Hoku, who is exceptional. All of Lance’s coaches are excellent.”

She adds, “don’t give up. Keep persevering, and you will get it. Stay engaged with the material, coaches, and process.”

Hire. A. Coach.